When Poetry is the only way to say it

Goals and Tasks: Planning for SuccessWhen did we become so quick to hate? Race, religion, political disagreement, economic differences. It doesn’t seem to matter.  We even threaten others when they don’t end a series the way we thought it should. It’s all made easy and impersonal by social media.

I had an English teacher in high school, Mr. White. This was in the 70’s when race riots were happening on a regular basis. He asked a white kid, what color is your blood. He asked the same question of a black kid. Both answered red. He looked at the class and said “Then, where’s the difference?”

That has stayed with me my entire life. Racism is another form of hate.

Hate is not genetic. It’s taught. It’s taught from the moment we bring our innocent baby into this world. By our examples. By our reactions to the people around us.

When my feelings about something run deep, only poetry allows me to express it. I wrote this a few weeks ago.  So much hate and anger on the news, boiling over into our day-to-day activities. Both sides of the argument were more intent on expressing anger than empowering change. Only when we see our similarities with kindness and empathy will we be able to be the change.

When you strip away race, religion, sexual preference, political beliefs,  how different are we really?

What color is your blood? Mine is red.

Why do you hate me so?
We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters
We get up in the morning, work
Take care of families.
Wipe noses, comfort children.
Why do you hate me so?
The same sun rises in the morning
The moon at night.
We share the night sky in all its beauty.
The same earth beneath our feet.
Why do you hate me so?
We want the same things.
Peace. Love. Joy.
A better life for our children.
A home of our own.
Why do you hate me so?
Our blood flows red when cut
Our lungs fill with air, exhale
Our hearts beat fast in fear
And flutter in love.
Why do you hate me so?
We birth children
We suffer sorrow.
We laugh
We cry
We bleed
Feel pain
Are we so different?
Why do you hate me so?

Thanks for indulging me….


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